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Welcome. This is my Shrine... There aren't many sites that are dedicated to my self or others. Sakura and Li are the most popular. As I have said "Welcome" I am one of only three webmasters on the site. The others are Spinner and Clow Reed. We will be the onlt three here. There is going to be a contest to determan whjo is going to be our assistant.
                           -Eriol Hiirgizawa-
Hi I am Spinner Sun part of the Clow Destiny Team. I hope that Eriol chooses our Webmaster right. Send your answers to my Qs at Please if you try to hack into our site ... I have never seen anyone Prosicuted for a Federal Crime.. ::grins broadly::
                     ~*Spinner Sun*~

What's New?

04/05/02 (Last entry)
The Messageboards are my latest project. They will be up by tomarrow. I am at a friends house and we are to stay up all night. ^^
                    -Eriol Hiirgizawa-



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